Plant Growing Tents

Plant Growing Tents

Astute gardeners may let you in on a secret or two and may definitely tell you how vital plant growing tents are in this day and age. You are of course, familiar with tents from your other passion, the outdoors and may be wondering what they have to do with plant growth. Do plants really need a shelter – they most definitely do, sometimes [read this blog].

And why would anyone want to use a tent? The benefits of using grow tents are not a handful, but several, if you didn’t know.

Grow tents are structures mostly made of sturdy canvas and covered with reflective material on the inside for enhanced light efficiency. These structures provide an enclosed space for indoor planting.

But why would anyone want to plant indoors?

Well, there are several benefits associated with indoor planting and among them is controlled environment through grow tents. Plant growing shelters help create an ideal setting for a vegetable garden regardless of the weather outside. This means that you can enjoy a bountiful harvest at the heart of the winter season – indeed an exciting prospect!

Another good reason to have a grow tent is stealth. Some plants like marijuana are not for every eye that crosses the street and grow tents provides the secrecy you need indoors to cultivate anything – but legally of course, if you know what I mean.

But some us that love gardening simply don’t have a piece of land to their name where they can express their passion. Plant growing tents provide that opportunity to grow plants anywhere including the veranda or garage. And the soil to support the root system, you ask?

There is now cost-effective soil-less medium you can use primarily for indoor planting. Coupled with a grow tent, the medium gives you a faster fruit maturation and higher yields. This means that you get bigger and better-looking tomatoes than your local outdoor gardener and at a shorter time – talk of a game changer!

What are the main components of grow tents?

  • Canvas is the strong material covering the outside of a grow tent. It is thick enough to prevent light escape and bugs finding their way inside. A canvas material comes with a zipper opening that you use to access the plants. 

The canvas materials have other openings for ventilation and access points for cables. The right grow tent has the right number of openings depending on size. 

  • The Frame is what secures everything in place keeping the whole structure from crumbling. Various materials make the frame and steel is among the most common. The frame is easy to erect and disassemble – making the tent portable. 
  • Grow lights for armatures, may be nothing more than just for providing better visibility – but nothing could be further from the truth. The right quality grow lights actually enhance plant growth and lead to better production. 

From your elementary science, light and warmth are critical for germination and plant growth. Well, science has found a way of maximizing the appropriate spectrum of light that plants need at different stages.