Possibility of Attracting Real Life Miracles – Law of Universe

Concept of Miracles

There are a lot of incidents that occur in this world and some are too bad that it kills the possibility of surviving it. But just when you think about giving up, something strange happens that turns everything to your favour. And that answers the ultimate question, ‘do miracles happen in real life’? Yes, they do happen and is not a myth and it can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere and in any situation.

Miracle of Survival

There are live examples of people surviving worst accidents ever and that can only be a miracle. There are instances of vehicle accidents where you can see a car or a bike completely damaged and torn out, yet the drivers and passengers survive without a scratch. You cannot really explain how it is possible and so far there has not been any logical reason for it. Even science has no answers for such miracles yet.

Luck or Miracle?

Most of the times miracles and luck seem quite similar but there is a huge difference. Getting lucky is when you win a lottery or find gold hidden in your backyard or something like that. So these things are pretty much possible, however, you got to be lucky for such things to happen with you. But a miracle is something that is practically impossible but still happens sometimes. Things like a person dead for sometime wakes up, someone surviving a plane crash without a scratch or when you turn rich overnight.

Miracles in Love

When you fall in love with someone and struggle to win their love back, you feel disappointed. You have tried everything and you even use the law of attraction, yet you fail in love. So you lose hopes at some stage and forget about it. And just when you think that your life is over and nothing can make it better, a miracle suddenly happens. You have your dream girl waiting for you right at your doorstep to finally say that she loves you. You don’t know what happened and what made her change her mind. But for you, it is nothing less than a miracle.

So miracles do happen in everyone’s life at some or the other stage. Some treat it as a miracle while others may consider it plain luck. Therefore, it really depends on what in your perception can be a miracle and what not.